Car Windshield Repair & Replacement

Windshield Repair

Windshields crack and chip all the time. Whether it’s the result of a car accident or simply a stone chipping the glass, our technicians can repair your windshield quickly and professionally.

We help our customers save time and money by avoiding the problems associated with windshield replacement. First, our technicians will inspect your vehicle to find out whether the windshield needs to be repaired or replaced. Windshield repair is a very cost-effective solution to cracks, chips, and other types of windshield damage.

  • Stone Chip Repair - We can repair a chip in the glass less than the diameter of a quarter in 30 minutes. Each extra stone chip on the same windshield will take 15 minutes extra to repair.

Affordable Auto Glass uses the very latest tools and techniques to repair your windshield. After the procedure is finished, the repair will be water tight and is most often invisible. We can help stop a crack from spreading so replacement won’t be necessary. All of our repair work is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle!

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, and you choose to have your windshield repaired instead of being replaced, most insurance companies will just waive your deductible, leaving you with no costs.

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Windshield Replacement

Sometimes windshield damage is so extensive that it must be replaced. If that is the case, our technicians will use the finest materials and techniques to replace your windshield and get your back behind the wheel in no time.

Auto glass is a very important structural part of your vehicle, so quality installation is extremely important to you and your family’s safety. The adhesives that we use support up to 70% of your roofline in case of a serious accident. We do 2 men installations (as required for specific vehicles).

Windshield replacement is a skill requiring training with expert knowledge of the proper installation materials and their use. Installation takes approximately 1.5 hours including safe drive away time.

Insurance Claims

When it comes to insurance claims, we make it easy for you. We accept all insurance companies. We submit your claim for you and bill your insurance company directly. This saves you time and helps you avoid laying out service payments and getting them reimbursed later on.

We also provide our services to used car dealers and car rental companies. The secret to our success is our ability to provide a superior product with excellent customer service. We work with each customer to develop a reliable and long lasting solution to their particular automotive needs.

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