Muffler and Exhaust System Repair

Your exhaust system makes sure your car runs smoothly, efficiently and quietly, so it’s important to address any issues as soon as they arise. Our technicians are specially trained to work on all different exhaust issues, so not only do they know where to look for a problem, they know how to correct it.

How does an exhaust system work?

An exhaust system functions by moving gases produced during combustion out of your vehicle. In many respects, your car’s exhaust system is very similar to the drain in your bathtub. Just like a shower drain expels used water, an exhaust system gets rid of unnecessary gases in the engine. As you might guess, if there’s a clog or a hole in your exhaust, you’re going to have issues.

As the gases travel through your exhaust system, they’ll eventually pass through your catalytic converter. The catalytic converter takes the combustion output and turns it into a gas that is more eco-friendly. If there are holes in your combustion system, or if your catalytic converter isn’t working properly, your car could be putting both you and the environment at risk.

Finally, the harmless gas produced by the catalytic converter passes through the muffler and leaves the vehicle. Your muffler expels the gas, and as its name implies, muffles the sound made by the catalytic converter. The nice thing about muffler issues is that you’ll know there’s a problem because you’ll be able to hear it. Police can ticket you if your car is making unreasonable noise, so make sure you get your exhaust and muffler issues taken care of right away.

Fixing Exhaust and Muffler Issues

As we mentioned above, our trained mechanics know exactly what to look for if you suspect there is an issue with your exhaust. There are two main issues that occur with exhaust systems:

Clogs: Over time, combustion buildup can develop in your exhaust system. When this happens, gas won’t be able to flow through the system at the normal rate. This can force the gas back into your engine system, or out holes in the hoses, which can then creep up into your cabin. If the gases are forced back into your engine, it can cause a lot of damage in no time. The quicker you get the issue fixed, the better.

Holes: If holes develop in your exhaust system, your car could be giving off harmful gases. When gases escape before they reach the catalytic converter, they can flow up into your car’s cabin. Exposure to these gases can make you sick, so don’t waste any time getting to a service center if you think you smell gas.

If you are having issues with your exhaust system, or if it’s been a while since you had a professional inspect the system, stop on in to Affordable Auto.

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